Dear Friend,

Have you been accused of patent infringement on Amazon and don’t know what to do first?

Do you want to protect your products and brands from hijackers, copycats & knock-offs?

Are your listings under threat of removal because of an APEX claim?

Schedule a call with our in-house Amazon IP Expert, Larry Slavin.

Larry is truly the best when it comes to educating and guiding Amazon Sellers through the complex world of Intellectual Property on Amazon.

He doesn’t just “talk the talk”. Before joining our team, he worked on Wall Street where he specialized in analyzing growth, business value, and startups in the equity market. He is an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC) and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA).

Larry’s expertise has been invaluable in helping our Amazon Seller clients through APEX claims, save time and money, protect their intellectual property, and achieve their business goals.

Don’t just take my word for it – schedule a call with Larry and experience his expertise firsthand. I’m confident you will come away from the conversation feeling informed, empowered, and ready to take the next steps towards protecting your intellectual property.

Rich Goldstein

"The best decision I ever made"

I’ll tell you, I know Rich personally and when he said, “look, you got to call my office and talk to Larry about your idea,” I felt a little like “why am I talking to Larry? I want to talk to Rich.”

[It] was the best decision I ever made. Thank you for encouraging me to talk to Larry.

When you speak with Larry (who you think is going to be like this business development sales guy), let me tell you, Larry is going to help educate you and help guide you in this process and it’s going to be the best call you’ve ever had.

If you’re thinking a patent or a trademark or a copyright, Larry is full of knowledge, super helpful… So, if Rich tells you call “Larry at my office,” take the call. You’re going to really get a lot of value out of it.

Investor, Consumer Product Brand Builder

"I am enthusiastically impressed"

“Hey Rich, just off the call with Larry and I have to say I am enthusiastically impressed with how he represents you, your firm, the culture you’ve cultivated, and the value you all provide.


“We will most likely be working with you all on several trademarks very soon and then in bulk within the coming year or so, along with referring a lot of our clients.


“The core value you personally hold of *connection and care* that I’ve experienced each time we see each other seems to be truly embodied in your firm’s culture. You’ve created something special!”

Founder of INFLUEX

"I'm in solid hands"

“When I reached out and scheduled a time to speak with Larry for my trademark needs, I really didn’t know what to expect.


“I’ve spoken to many attorneys in the past, and I really want to be straight to the point and have great service and just great conversation, but yet know that I’m in solid hands. 


“Larry exceeded my expectations. Everyone at the [Goldstein Patent] law firm did. 


“I can’t wait to work with him.”


Real Estate Coach

"Within about a week, everything was sorted."

“I had aligned with an attorney in the past and really had a mess on my hands. We had trademarks filed. So we thought that they weren’t certain things that were in the wrong class, et cetera.

“And I really just needed a true expert team who could number one first disentangle the pretzel. But then number two, help us get on the right track.

“I made a call I connected with Rich of course, and was connected to Larry who was absolutely wonderful. He’s from New York, great personality, but someone beyond just the nice elements was really knowledgeable in this whole space. I got with Larry and was passed on to Julian after that and the whole team collectively has been amazing.

“We’re now on the right track. Within about a week, everything was sorted.

“We now have our trademark finally going through and I’m so so excited. So if you’re on the fence, if you’re not sure if you should book the call or say yes from me to you say yes, it will be a great decision.”

Founder, The Right Method

"He's there to sort out what I needed to get to the bottom of"

”I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you because your team have all been really super amazing. And I just wanted to share my comments about Larry.


“What I really appreciated in particular, was the fact that yes, we were discussing your specific services, but every time we had a conversation, he made me feel like he’s there to give me any business advice or just, you know, sort out what I needed to get to the bottom of and I really appreciate that. Again, you guys are amazing.


I will always recommend you and appreciate it. Hope to be in touch soon.”



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